About us


2001 - IT Contracting

Our first assignments were development projects for T-Group’s subsidiaries in Hungary and Germany in the early 2000s. Simultaneously with our initial IT Contracting service, we also carried out fixed-fee application development.

Today, in addition to testing and development tasks, we also contract design and even project management assignments.

2008 - IT Recruitment

In addition to the IT Contracting service, in 2008 IT Recruitment was created based on the need of our clients to work with a recruiter company that understands IT at a high level like Bluebird. Ever since, most of the feedbacks has been: “Finally, a recruitment company with an IT background, who understands what we’re saying.”

2012 - Bluebird Austria

In addition to projects in Germany, we founded the Austrian Bluebird in 2012 to serve the needs of our Austrian clients. We believed that for most technologies, we could find an IT specialist with whom we could perform the tasks given by our customers in Austria as well. As promised, our team still not disappoint.

2020 - IT Solutions

From 2020, we deliver our fixed-fee IT projects under the name IT Solutions. In this framework, we will provide our customers custom application development, IT management consulting, inspection, and migration of legacy systems, as well as bot and crawler development.





CEO, Bluebird

Founder of the Hungarian and Austrian Bluebird. He started his IT career at the age of 12 with assembler programming, and since then he has been working in IT as a Systems Analyst and Project Manager. He is currently the head of Bluebird Zrt. Balázs is an enthusiastic father of three boys and a gardener in his spare time.

Miklós Varga



CEO, Bluebird Austria

Economist. After completing his studies, he worked in foreign trade and tourism in his own companies. He has been running IT businesses since 2006. He has been the owner and CEO of Bluebird Austria since 2018. Married for nearly thirty years, and father of a grown-up daughter. In his spare time, he runs the family’s farm.

Judit Szűcs



Head of Operations

Judit has been a member of the Bluebird team for 10 years. She started her career at the company as a controller. Later she became the Head of Finance, and since the beginning of 2018 she has been helping other professional areas as the Head of Operations. She is the mother of two almost-grown children. In her free time she enjoys cycling, reading, and traveling.

Nándor Lakovich



Head of IT Contracting & IT Solutions

Nándor is the leader of both IT Contracting and Solution teams. He holds a degree in electrical engineering and management. He has worked for 20 years as an IT professional and project manager in both the public administration and the private sector. He has been playing tennis since university, produces fruits and vegetables in his patio garden, and lives in Budapest with his wife and two sons.

Réka Balassa



Head of IT Recruitment

She has been a member of the Bluebird team almost since the company was founded. She had been working in the recruitment team as a consultant for more than 10 years and she has been leading it for six years now. She enjoys spending her free time with her little daughter and husband also loves to travel and learn about new cultures. Her work is also her hobby.

Adam Csabay



Head of Sales

He started his career in B2C and then started B2B sales. Since 2018 he is a member of the Bluebird team.

He is responsible for Bluebird's commercial processes as sales leader.

Due to his professional basketball past, he continues to play competitively in his spare time.