Affiliate Program

If you operate as a trusted consultant or in another role, your clients may require additional software design, software development, and testing services in addition to the services you directly deliver. We recognize that no single person or small business can cover the whole IT segment. If you lack expertise in meeting all of your client's needs, contact us, and let's collaborate within the scope of our affiliate program!

It is in our mutual interest to have the proper IT professionals available to our clients and ensure that software development tasks are completed to a high standard of quality. All you need to do is provide us with the right potential customers, and we will reward your efforts according to our affiliate program.

Let's see the services with which we can collaborate:

IT Recruitment

Unfortunately, we are unable to collaborate on IT recruitment activities, as we are still working on full capacity to satisfy our customers' resource needs.

IT Staff Augmentation

If your client needs to involve external IT professionals and you cannot provide the necessary experience and technology stack for the project on your own, let us know! Our IT Staff Augmentation team consists of highly trained, experienced account managers and sourcers specialized in IT. Within the IT field, we can provide IT experts to perform project tasks in practically all IT positions. You can count on us for the following roles: Project Manager, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Product Owner, Software Developer (React, Angular, Java, JavaScript, C / C ++, C #, PHP, Python, Kotlin, among others), Tester (Manual and Automated).

IT Solutions

Our software development team works on pre-contracted and scheduled projects, but we welcome the opportunity to work on more professionally interesting and challenging projects. Our primary areas of expertise are web application development, mobile application development, as well as the development of web pages and bot softwares.

The Process of Cooperation

1. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect sensitive information. Furthermore, we will engage in a Cooperation Agreement to govern the terms of our cooperation under the Affiliate Program, including the level of brokerage commission.

2. Through an online or in-person meeting, we get to know the potential customer and determine which of our services will best fulfill the customer's needs. If we are already working with the customer you have specified, or our contracts preclude us from entering into a contract with that company, we will be unable to negotiate an agreement.

3. In the event of performance between a potential customer and Bluebird following professional consultation with a customer, we will settle with each other by our Cooperation Agreement.

If you are involved in the project and other regulators have not ruled it out, we will be delighted to see you on the delivery team. However, if you choose to pursue your own projects, we will accept it as well. We believe it is essential that the consumer receives a high-quality service that meets their demands and has the technical content that is most appropriate for them. The Bluebird Affiliate Program contributes to this.

We provide all the information about our company that is necessary for your work.

If you would like to join our affiliate program, send an email to [email protected].