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October 4, 2021

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What does agile mean? What is the essence of agile methodology? Learn more from the Bluebird blog post!



In the world of software development and management, the past 20 years were clearly about agile methodologies gaining ground and, in many cases, taking the place of the Waterfall type sequential models that were predominant until now.

Both approaches are correct, however, the use of an agile methodology is more adapted to the ever-changing business and technological environment of our time.

An agile methodology is most successful when tasks need to be accomplished or end products have to be delivered in an environment with frequent changes and high uncertainty. This kind of challenge can be effectively handled with creativity, frequent deliveries and systematic furthermore frequent feedback from the customer.

Agile Methodology - Bluebird blog

Meaning of Agile

Meaning of agile - Bluebird

Agile, in an everyday language means: active, enterprising, dynamic.

An agile organization (either a project organization, a unit of organization within a company, or a company) is able to accomplish its tasks flexibly, actively, dynamically and while taking into account all needs.

But let’s see step by step, what is the agile approach all about!

Agile Principles

In 2001 the software industry created the “Manifesto for agile software development” principles, which were partly in contradiction with the one round, well-documented implementing habits that were previously in use in the world of software engineers.

Agile Manifesto

  • The main goal is to achieve customer satisfaction by quick and continuous delivery of a functioning software.
  • Accepting that requirements may change, even in later phases of development. Agile processes can turn changes into a competitive advantage for the customer.
  • Deliver working software frequently. Preferably weekly rather than monthly.
  • Maintain close, daily cooperation between business professionals and developers for the whole duration of the project.
  • Projects are built around success-oriented individuals, moreover, guarantee them the necessary environment, and trust them to do the job.
  • A face-to-face conversation is the best method to exchange information within a development team.
  • A working software is the primary measure of progress.
  • Agile procedures serve sustainable development, besides it is important for sponsors, developers, and users, to be able to maintain a constant pace.
  • Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design increase agility.
  • Simplicity, (the art of minimizing the number of superfluous work processes) and minimizing the amount of work not done—is essential.
  • Best architectures, requirements, and also designs emerge from self-organizing teams.
  • The team reflects regularly on how to become more effective and adjusts its operation accordingly.

Agile methodologies

1. Scrum

2. Kanban

3. Extreme Programming (XP)

4. Lean Development

5. Crystal

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