October 8, 2022

What is the online job interview process and what should you expect? We show the main tricks with the help of Bluebird’s IT recruiters!

March 9, 2022

Useful CV templates for each IT position are available for download. A sample CV that is thematic, simple and contains only what is necessary.

March 9, 2022

A strong cover letter is one of the most important parts of a successful application. How do you write an effective cover letter? Learn more!

February 23, 2022

Creating a job advertisement is simple. We show you how to create a powerful job ad, and you will attract professionals like a magnet!

September 6, 2021

What is a good resume like? How do IT recruits find you? CV tips and downloadable resume samples for IT professionals.

June 30, 2021

The job interview begins with preparation. We’ll show you how you can increase your chances before, during, and after the job interview.