2021. December 29.

Where there is Oracle, there is a need for PL/SQL as well. What does PL / SQL mean? Learn more from the blog post!

2021. December 2.

Cobol, AS/400, RPG. You may know it over the age of 50. The successful completion of business transactions is still ensured by Cobol.

2021. October 17.

What is phishing, and what are the signs of it? How do you avoid getting caught on a hook? Read the latest Bluebird post!

2021. October 10.

SoapUI began as a side project. Since then, it has been one of the most successful testing tools. You can find more information on the blog!

2021. September 24.

What is Selenium and what is it used for? We will show you the benefits of this test tool. Learn more from the Bluebird blog post!

2021. September 20.

What are the backend technologies that Facebook or LinkedIn uses? We present the most popular backend technologies.