The Bluebird Story

Company History - THE BLUEBIRD STORY


2001 - IT Staff Augmentation

Our first assignments were development projects for T-Group’s subsidiaries in Hungary and Germany in the early 2000s. Simultaneously with our initial IT Staff Augmentation service, we also carried out fixed-fee application development.

Today, in addition to testing, software development and web development tasks, our contractors also take on design and even project management assignments.

2008 - IT Recruitment

In addition to the IT Staff Augmentation service, we created the IT Recruitment department in 2008. It grew out of the need on our clients' part to work with an IT headhunter company with a granular understanding of tech. Ever since, most of the feedback has been: “Finally, a recruitment company with an IT background, who understands what we’re saying.”

2012 - Bluebird Austria

In addition to working on projects in Germany, we founded the Austrian Bluebird in 2012 to serve the needs of our Austrian clients. We believed that for most technologies, we would be able to find IT specialists with whom we could satisfy our customers' IT needs in Austria as well. As promised, our team still does not disappoint.

2020 - Software Development Services

Starting from 2020, we deliver our fixed-fee IT projects under the name Software Development services. In this framework, we will provide our customers with custom application development, IT management consulting, inspection and migration of legacy systems, as well as bot and crawler development.

If the Bluebird story was to your liking and you are in need of staff augmentation services, looking for an IT recruitment company or need software development with IT solutions, reach out to us!