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We Will Make Your Software Dreams Come True!

We will make the software you dreamt of, which will fully cover your business processes and needs. We have vast experience in custom software development for small-, medium-, and large-sized companies. We know that understanding business processes is key, as well as the quality, dependability, and on-time delivery of the end product.

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Why Should You Work With Us?

Custom software development - Bluebird


Our customers consider us  dependable. We are not  driven by short-term objectives; we want to be accountable and reliable for our customers instead. Our goal is to complete the projects we are entrusted with, with the utmost determination and of the highest quality that can be expected.

Custom software development - Bluebird

Fully-fledged Methodologies

We have significant experience in both agile and waterfall models. We choose the most adequate methodology to manage the development of the custom software to be ready on-time, and of the utmost quality.

We believe in the strength of using methodologies in managing software development and in the power of common sense.

Custom software development - Bluebird

Assessing Needs, Requirements

The bedrock of all software development tasks is a detailed assessment of needs, and the thorough knowledge of requirements. We believe that before doing anything we have to completely understand the task.

The Phases of Custom Software Development

1. Asking for a Quote

Contact us if you would like a custom web app! After  the first contact we assess your exact needs, ideas. We will map out what business processes your future app will be required to cover.The key users of the new app also need to be specified ,  and it also needs to be determined who will undertake different tasks in the system.

We will also discuss which external systems your app will have to connect to, and how.

2. Making a Technical and Commercial Offer

You will receive a detailed offer according to the needs and requirements we discussed in the quoting phase. Our offers include a short description of the deliverable webapp, a suggested architecture, and general information about functionality and content. As part of our offer, we e explain the planned development procedure and set a planned starting date of the project.

In the commercial part of our offer, we describe the end products and services we will deliver, provide their price and a delivery deadline.

3. System Planning

After acceptance of our offer, we will create the system plan of your custom web app. The system plan includes a detailed description of the functions of the app, the specifications of the data that will need to be managed, the definition of external system connections, as well as the description of the access control and logging systems.

Beside the technical (function, data, interface) documentation of the app, we also conceive its design plan.

We will present the system documentation for your acceptance. In case there is a request for modification we implement those in the system plans.

4. Software Development

Upon acceptance of the system plans, we develop the app specified in the  document. During development we strive to implement simple and clear solutions, furthermore, we prefer to use standard software tools and solutions.

In case of an agile collaboration the details of the planning process will be worked out during the development phase, broken down to tasks discussed sprint by sprint.

5. System Testing

With testing we ensure that the product conforms to the app specified in the system planning phase. To achieve this, we apply a ticketing framework  where errors, bugfixes  and progress can be continuously monitored

Testing phase is over only when all the detected errors have been  fixed.

6. Training

Upon request, we provide a complete training  that includes the operation and functionalities of the app. If there are many end users we suggest to use “train the trainer” model by having an expert trainer train some users to became trainers of the other end users,.

7. Delivery/ Acceptance, Go Live

Following a successful testing phase starts the go-live process and  handover to operations. Upon request we setup and configure the live environment where your custom web app will be installed.

During delivery/ acceptance phase we also provide  an operations manual of the system, in which we include the launching procedure, conditions and process. The documentation will include every task to be completed for a successful launch.

The launch will take place with every participant’s full focus, for everything to go by the book.

Custom software development - Bluebird

8. Support

We provide a  12-month quality guarantee after the launch of the app In case of a technical difficulty we will have a competent expert available who is familiar with the technical content of the project. Upon request we provide support and regular upgrades as part of a contract on a monthly fee basis.

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