CV Templates for IT Professionals


March 9, 2022

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Useful CV templates for each IT position are available for download. A sample CV that is thematic, simple and contains only what is necessary.


We hope that the few CV templates we've prepared will assist you in quickly creating a CV that is simple to understand and transparent to others. We considered the following factors while composing it:

1. It should be thematic! - i.e. it should be to the point, without circular sentences, with adequate structure.

2. It should be clear what job you are working in and what kind of job you are looking for (since you might be working as a Java lead developer job)!

3. Experience and skills should be presented in order of strength!

Numerous CV templates have been created for various purposes. We believe that the Bluebird CV template is not appropriate for everyone. However, we do think it may be beneficial for IT professionals.

Downloadable CV Templates

You can download the CV templates below in .docx and .pdf formats. You'll see, you can create your CV in minutes!

Once you are done, upload it to us under the CV upload menu or check out our current IT job offers and upload it to the job you're applying for!

Good luck, here are some CV templates!

When You Have Completed Your CV, Check the Following!

1. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in your CV!

2. Choose a business-like photo of you alone and not skiing.

3. Check that your phone number and email address are included in your CV.

4. Check the date, don't leave the date 4-5 years ago.

5. Don't forget to save your CV as a PDF and give it a name+CV+date file name (e.g. John-Smith-CV-03032022.pdf)

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- Project managers, scrum masters

- Business analysts, product owners, system analysts

- Software developers

- DevOps engineers

- Manual and automation testers

- Operators

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