Dedicated Teams

Build Dedicated Development Teams that will deliver

Full Dedicated Teams will handle your Project with ease

A skilled software development team, often comprised of a Project Manager, Software engineers, QA engineers, and other roles are capable of providing end-to-end technological solutions and value in a timely and efficient manner.

A Bluebird Project Manager and the client's product owner collaborate on management. Everyone communicates as much as necessary to guarantee that the best outcomes are delivered on time.

Bluebird can guarantee you the assembly of a dedicated team in 1-3 months time. A serious, completely prepared software development team to cooperate with your in-house development team or external suppliers on certain project tasks. We offer a trained project manager to supervise our portion of the job and coordinate project activities using a variety of communication platforms.

It will benefit: Multi-team projects in which you must maintain overall project control.

In-house Team

Managed Team

In house development team
Managed Team
Client for Dedicated Teams
Client and Project Manager


Client / Project Manager from Bluebird


to assemble Dedicated Teams

How can Bluebird help you Hire Dedicated Development Teams?

If you involve us in the earliest stages of planning and consider us your exclusive partner, we can manage: 

  • better price
  • a lot faster delivery time
  • the highest quailty work possible

Let us know about your resource requirements!

Quick View of Our Process to get you Dedicated Teams


As we recieve your Request for Proposal we get back to you in 24 hours to hold and online meeting. Our sales and account manager attend this sit-together.


We are faster than most. We work faster if we know the project, the specification in advance. Tell us what you need and we deliver. The more details the better.


We prepare and send our proposal with estimates of a technical solution and our approach to software development.


We suggest project and software KPIs on demand.


We set up the development process and integrate with processes of other venders (if needed).


You transfer the responsibility for a project/project part and we start the work.


We regularly present relevant project status information to each stakeholder.

Bluebird Highlights

  • At least 1.000.000 hours of software development since 2001
  • As an IT staff augmentation agency, we placed more than 1200 IT experts at various tech firms
  • We helped more than 250 of our business partners to find the right IT professionals 
  • Nearly 40.000 IT specialists are at our disposal
  • We work with 100 customers at the same time

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