Our company operates on many European projects as a specialist in the market of IT resources and executives.

In case of needs for internal resources we recommend our permanent placement services, while if external resources are needed, our contract placement services on T&M basis may be the perfect choice. Our goal is to select the most suitable IT professionals and executives, which we ensure through the work of our staff having high-level IT knowledge and many years of consultancy experience. Work with us! Request for quotation!!

Contract placement

If you need an IT professional in your project, request one from us under a payment scheme with hourly or daily fees, quickly and flexibly. It is the perfect solution for all short or medium-term resource demands.

Our staff has up-to-date and thorough knowledge in the field of IT regarding the sectors of administration, telecommunication, banking, industry and other. We are proud of having rendered contract placements covering over 600,000 hours. We successfully provided professionals for (including but not limited to) the following positions in our clients’ projects: developers (Java, C++, C#, PHP, ABAP, etc.), operations managers (project managers, testing and senior developers), system analysts, operators, advisors and testers.

In which cases is contract placement recommended?

  • If you do not have the team of professionals necessary for the task or the resources necessary to find such professionals.
  • If your company’s corporate policy regulates the number of employees but there are duties to be fulfilled and there is a budget appropriated for this purpose.
  • If your company does not intend to have a large number of personnel, and therefore you do not employ an own staff either on short or long term.

Permanent placement

If you need internal resources, our success fee based permanent placement service is for you: we search for the desired IT professional, and you can select from the applicants.

We undertake to coordinate the whole recruitment process and to provide all kinds of support to you, so that the IT professional matching your needs can be found as quickly as possible and by saving as much energy as we can. We render the service on success fee basis, which means that you incur costs only if we managed to find the desired IT professional, your company has selected them and they have also taken up work.

In which cases is permanent placement recommended?

  • If your company is about to extend its resources with a large number of staff but it does not have the personnel able to see through the whole recruitment process.
  • If your company considers it important to dedicate its time only to applicants who are professionally apt and are able to fulfil the duties.
  • If it is important for your company to use the recruitment services of a considerably skilled partner who is well-known in the field of IT.

Executive search

Thanks to our connections and decade-long experience we can save costs and money when searching for the ideal executive for you.

During the past years we have filled many middle and top-level executive positions for our clients. Our professional experience in the area and our dedicated advisors with a proven track record of successful executive search provide a stable and reliable base for quick and discrete recruitment.

4 steps of the selection process

  1. Step 1 – requirement assessment: at a personal meeting we assess and discuss the exact criteria and expectations, then we prepare a detailed professional profile, and the suitable search methodology and sources are also determined.
  2. Step 2 – candidate long-list: using our network and database we carry out a market and competitor analysis, assessing the executives in the market and all publicly available information in their regard. As a result we receive a candidate long-list.
  3. Step 3 – candidate short-list: we contact the candidates, and carry out a professional and language pre-screening. Based on this we compile assessment sheets about the candidates considered appropriate. The sheets contain a description of professional and personal characteristics and, if required, the results of personality tests.
  4. Step 4 – selection: personal interviews with the potential candidates, in which you and our company’s advisors participate to the extent and in the capacity as requested.

Why choose us?

  • Our services are ISO 9001 certified.
  • We have 15 years of professional experience both in Hungary and on international level.
  • Professionals are selected within a short timeframe.
  • We relieve you from most of the duties of the selection process, and so you only get in contact with our professionals who are actually apt for the tasks in question.
  • Administrative tasks related to contract conclusion and work are carried out by our experienced team of professionals who also have technical, HR, financial and legal knowledge.
  • We render our services under strict confidentiality.
  • With many successful projects behind our back, our references guarantee a fruitful cooperation.

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