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Our guarantee: 1 million hours of work already accomplished

If you are looking for experienced experts for your project, you are at the right place! We will find you the IT expert for the job within days. We work with nearly 100 onsite/remote IT experts and thousands of freelancers. All the experienced freelancers in one place.

Contracting conditions

  • We work on daily or hourly fee.
  • For software planning, development, and testing jobs we draw up a project contract, in which we specify the details of the project and every task that have to be done.
  • We make monthly reports based on the accomplished tasks and the hours/days needed for the above mentioned tasks.
  • We keep continous contact with our customers and our IT experts to follow up with the progression of the tasks.

IT contracting step by step

Step 0.

Preparing contact and determining the details and tasks of the project

The first step is discussing the tasks of the project and determining for which PM/BA/DEV/QA tasks Bluebird and our experts are needed.

We agree on the length of the project, the tasks, the required professional skills, technological and domain knowledge, and special skills.

During this discussion we let you know how long we will need to find the perfect IT expert for the job.

Step 1.

Bluebird internal staffing

We seek out the ideal freelancer or internal employee of the group, depending on whether we are looking for an expert for a short-term (3-6 months) or a long-term project. (6-12 months or 12 months+)

We then choose from the available and newly found freelancers and IT experts the ones who - following a preliminary discussion with our consultants - will be able to accomplish the missions, on a highly professional level, defined in the project.

Step 2.

Our offer, project contract agreement.

We make you a detailed offer for the execution of your project. For each task we present you our daily fees, and the profile (CV) of our IT experts.

If you accept our offer, these collaborators of ours will be the ones to execute the tasks.

step 3.

Participants of the project, decision making

If you accept our offer, you will get acquainted with our experts, and discuss the details and technological requirements of the tasks at hand.

If you don't think that the expert we chose is the man for the job, we take a step back and prepare you another offer.

Step 4.

Starting the project, signing the contract

If an agreement is settled the project begins and the experts delegated by Bluebird will execute the tasks defined in the contract.

Step 5.

Following and closing the project

We follow the work of our experts even after the beginning of the project, so we can interfere in case of any problem. We update our customers permanently concerning the potential length of a project and its end.

Bluebird szabadúszók

Why do our customers choose us as an IT contracting partner?

  • We provide experienced IT experts for the execution of the tasks of your project, in a matter of days
  • We have thousands of freelancers at our disposal. We can reach out to nearly 40000 IT experts in Hungary
  • Our costs are easily calculated and planned
  • There is no need for long discussions on the scope of your project with us
  • Our Senior account managers understand thoroughly the project and the tasks at hand
  • We can help you with almost all kinds of technology
  • We accomplished more than a million hours of work on the projects of our 150 business partners
  • We have almost 20 years of experience in software development for a daily fee

Those who chose us

„Bluebird is a main supplier for OTP Bank in the IT field. We develop with their help, through an IT transformation project a new way of data management, a real-time data service. Bluebird’s experts serve the different business needs of the bank using the most recent streaming technologies”

OTP Bank Nyrt., Bakos Balázs, Senior data domain lead

Bluebird referencia - OTP Bank

„I really like to work with Bluebird, the size of the company gives it the flexibility the IT field needs in these changing times. Throughout the years they have experienced the specific needs that are essential to us, and we often understand each other without words.”

W.UP, Dienes Beáta, Key account manager

Bluebird referencia - WUP

What our customers are looking for

  • Software development: .NET, Angular, React / Reduct, Android, iOS, Java, PHP, Python, Sharepoint, PL/SQL, SQL (MSSQL/Oracle/PostgreSQL) and noSQL
  • Project management: Complete project management and coordination, scrum master and product owner tasks
  • Planning and organization: system organization, analysis and consulting tasks
  • Testing: Manual and automatized testing, Selenium and Java based testing
  • Other tasks: company architecture planning, devops tasks

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