DevOps Engineer

Date published: September 23, 2022

ID: 11109 Location: Budapest Task: DevOps

We are looking for a DevOps engineer with strong English konwledge, Azure and .Net experience for Bluebird team for a long term project.
Necessary basic operator knowledge, understanding the infrastructure, restarting servers (perhaps it is easier to automate the restart with a script), monitor monitoring, maintain alerting rules.

Tech stack

  • Azure K8S + VMek
  • AppInsights
  • Azure Security
  • .NET applications
  • CI/CD Teamcity, Octopus
  • OPS Networking, DNS certificate, Load balancer, Security knowledge
  • Nice to have RabbitMQ, MongoDB


  • Stability
  • Application log analysis and issue reporting to Development team (Daily – Jira ticket )
  • Monitoring review, ensuring every component is properly monitored (Monthly – Documentation of monitored components)
  • Make sure applications and infrastructure satisfy uptime needs (Daily – act upon incidents)
  • Uptime test (disaster recovery, backup-restore, network outage) (Monthly – Test reports, Fixing issues from testing)
  • Performance
  • Analysis of response rate of components (Weekly – Jira ticket for bad performance phenomenons)
  • Infrastructure cost optimization
  • Infrastructure cost driver analysis (Monthly – Documentation of cost drivers analysis of planned and actual costs, Resource usage review documentation, Action item list for cost increases).
  • Infrastructure cost reduction (Monthly – Act upon action item list from infrastructure cost analysis)
  • CI/CD pipeline management
  • CI/CD configurations (Ad-hoc – CI/CD pipelines properly configured)
  • Documentation
  • Component level documentation ready (Monthly – Documentation of platform on component level, including used technologies and applications)
  • Review infrastructure best practices (Monthly – Infrastructure analysis report)
  • Perform analysis on infrastructure best practices (e.g. naming conventions changes, structure changes, propose list of actions) (Monthly – Infrastructure changes)

Application with CV

Allowed File Types: DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF.
MAXIMUM 2 files (MAXIMUM 10 MB per files).