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Build Your It Team With the Help of an It Recruitment Company!

We are a headhunter company specialized in IT. 98% of the requests we receive is an IT position. If you want to hire tech talents, you are at the right place! Our expertise and our satisfied customers guarantee that we find you the IT expert you are looking for.

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Contracting Conditions

  • We work on success fee or mandate-fee-based contracts.
  • In case of a success fee contract, obligation to pay will only be fulfilled, when our expert starts working.
  • Our mandate-fee-based construction contains split fee payment, which amounts to a lower global headhunter fee, than a success fee contract.
  • We provide 3 months guarantee on the experts we place.

It Recruitment Step by Step

IT recruitment company - Bluebird

1. Making Contact, Signing a Contract

Our sales team contacts you and determines your concrete needs, how we can help you. Our colleague presents you our company, the way we work and both our mandate fee and carried interest constructions.

Our colleagues draw a contract based on preliminary discussions and the GDPR contract that goes with it. The only thing you need to do is read through the contract and tell us if you would like to change something in it. Let’s start recruiting!

2. Determining the Position

As a first step we study the position. We believe in going through the mandatory requirements and tasks for the job, agreeing on the must-have’s and the nice-to-have’s, determining the level of experience needed and a pay bracket, as well as a fast and efficient communication. It is important that we determine the exact technological knowledge that you require (programming language, framework, database handling etc.) and the level of experience needed.

3. Feedback on the Position and a Reasonable Fee

During the discussion we give you feedback on the reasonability of the experience/fee, as well as on how easy or difficult it can be to find the ideal IT expert for the given position.

4. Research

Our consultants are skilled recruiters, who work exclusively with IT positions. We have a VIP access to domestic and foreign CV databases, we own a large network of connections, owing to, which we can reach out to nearly 40.000 IT specialists. Our job offers always attract experts; we own a unique IT resumé database.

5. Interview with Bluebird

We contact the experts who we consider fitting for the position, and we find out during an interview if it really is the case. In the following, we filter the candidates depending on whether you prefer to see a lot of them or just the best of the best.

6. Reporting and Sending the Cv’s

We make reports on our prospects and we transfer them to you alongside their resumés because we believe that the reports will help you learn more and faster about the candidates.

7. Organizing Interviews With Our Customers (Optional)

If you would like to organize the interview yourself, we provide you all the information you need. However, if you would like to, it would be our pleasure to take care of this as well.

8. Weekly Reports

We update the status of our candidates in a weekly report, furthermore we refine our research if necessary. We show you our weekly progress in a transparent fashion.

9. Making an Offer

We pay attention to stay in contact with both sides, because as an IT headhunter company, it is our priority to provide you, and the candidates the available information precisely and on time.

We help you make a successful offer.

We follow up with the evolution of our candidate even after he/she starts working for you, and until the end of the probation period.

Tech recruitment company - Bluebird

Why Do Our Customers Choose Us as an It Recruitment Company?

  • We are specialized in IT; we almost exclusively work in this field
  • We work with highly trained consultants. Being a Headhunter in IT demands a thorough and up to date knowledge of the field, for this, we continuously train our consultants. As part of our trainings our recruiters learn about new technologies, methodologies and job descriptions from our developers and experts working on our projects.
  • It is important for us to find the perfect specialist, so we work for it!
  • Until now, we proved our worth to more than 200 business partners by placing more than 1.500 IT experts.
  • We have more than 20 years of experience in IT recruitment.

Those Who Chose Us as an It Recruitment Agency

„Professional company with a professional staff; they look for the most fitting candidates for the job, high-level contact, good customer and candidate experience.”

Scientific Games Kft. Csákány Anita, HR manager

IT headhunting reference - SG

„Excellent contact, fast reaction time. They don’t work with pre-established models, they see the potential in people, thus providing a larger field of possibilities for the HR manager”.

UNIQA Biztosító Zrt. HR team

Tech recruitment reference - Uniqa

„I am very satisfied with the services provided by Bluebird. When need for human resources arises, they are in first place, we contact them and ask for their help. They react quickly to all our requests, they work fast, and help our work with personalized offers. I think that today we share a friendly relationship which makes communication and working together much easier”.

Atos Magyarország Kft. Seres Rita, IT recruiter

IT recruitment reference - ATOS
IT headhunter company - Bluebird

What Our Customers Are Looking for

  • Project manager: project manager, product manager, scrum master, project coordinator, delivery manager
  • Analyst/Consultant: business analyst, system analyst, data analyst, SAP consultant
  • Data: BI developer, data scientist, data engineer, machine learning engineer
  • Software developer: Angular, React, C #, C / C ++, JavaScript, Android, iOS, Java, PHP, Python, SharePoint, PL / SQL, frontend developer, backend developer, full-stack developer
  • Other: architect, DevOps engineer, cybersecurity expert
  • Testing: test manager, automated tester, manual tester
  • Operation: system administrator, network administrator, database operator, help desk
  • You can find all the IT roles HERE!

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