Salaries in the IT Sector: 2022

Balazs Refi

October 15, 2022

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What are the salaries in the IT sector? We are constantly updating our blog, so you can always see the most up-to-date information. Learn more!


Bluebird IT Salary Guide - Latest Data Update: October 15, 2022.

What are the Salaries in the IT Sector?

In this blogpost, we periodically update gross salaries by role and experience level.

The salaries we provide were not the result of a representative survey but based on what we experience on a daily basis/our daily experiences. We are familiar with the salaries that IT experts expect and also with the salary bands that our customers create. We work with this data, furthermore, we prioritize the wages agreed upon by our clients and our candidates.

Bluebird IT Salary Guide 2022

Bluebird IT Salary Guide

Our 2022 Bluebird IT Salary Guide is now available for free download at the bottom of the page.

Not only did we want to demonstrate the typical salary of a software developer, but also the market value of technological knowledge and experience in the major IT roles. Besides, our survey provides an overview of the gross earning potential of information technology professionals in Hungary.

How Frequently Do We Conduct Salary Surveys?

The Bluebird IT Salary Guide is published once a year.

What Is the Territorial Scope of the Data?

Budapest. We do not use rural wage data because the majority of our domestic customers come from Budapest. (We do not take into account international projects or the data of our candidates who have applied abroad.)

What Companies Are We Considering?

Briefly, we deal with the data of our partners' companies. Among them are the largest multi-company corporations, huge enterprises, and also a mix of SMEs. We believe that sufficient data from a diverse customer base will be processed, as we typically work with almost 100 organizations simultaneously in some capacity.

What Types of IT Professionals Do We Consider?

We take into account the details of the IT professionals we come in contact with. Because we have a lot of IT positions, a lot of IT professionals turn to Bluebird. There are people with low demand for pay (although they are rare in number), those with a moderate want for pay, and those with an unusually high need for pay.

We made sure that the extremes did not affect the pay bands during their compilation, so we excluded them.

Does the Bluebird IT Salary Guide Include Pay Data for Women and Men Separately?

No. We believe that over time, there will be no difference in salaries between men and women in the IT sector, just as Bluebird will not discriminate based on gender.

How Did We Compile the Data?

Our leading and senior IT recruiting specialists compiled the data. In short, they are the ones who, daily, identify the IT specialists most qualified for the work based on the specifications provided by our clients.

We considered the wage ranges produced by our clients as well as the gross wage expectations made by our candidates. We have given priority to gross wages that have proven to be adequate for our clients and candidates during our placements.



Let's Get to the Details!

We classified conventional IT jobs into categories when compiling the Bluebird IT Salary Guide. While grouping can be accomplished in a variety of methods, we chose the following:

Main Positions in the IT Sector

1. IT Managers & Leads

2. IT Architects

3. Analysts & Consultants

4. UX/UI Designers

5. Software Developers & Software Engineers

6. Developers by layers: Frontend, Backend & Full Stack Developers

7. DevOps Engineers

8. QA/Testers

9. System Administrators & System Engineers

IT Salaries - Bluebird

1. IT Managers & Leads

IT management positions include test-, project managers, development managers, and also scrum masters.

it managers and leads salary

2. IT Architects

This group includes IT architects (software, solutions, and infrastructure architects).

IT architects salary

3. Analysts & Consultants

This category comprises traditional business analyst and system analyst positions. In addition, we considered the role of the product owner to belong here. The group's positions are analytical-planning in nature. Their right to exist is contingent upon an organization's ability to comprehend business processes, furthermore, potentially, map and refine client needs.

analysts and consultants salary

4. UX/UI Designers

UX/UI designers salary

5. Software Developers & Software Engineers

In our experience, almost half of all IT jobs are software development roles. Additionally, we classified software developers according to the programming language and "layer." We did all of this simply to make it easier for everyone to find what they were looking for. Furthermore, we have added .NET, C/C++, Javascript, mobile (iOS, Android), Java, PHP and also Python to the list of programming languages.

Software developers and software engineers salary

6. Developers by layers: Frontend, Backend & Full Stack Developers

For approximately 10 years, the Frontend - Backend - Full-stack separation has been present in the description of Hungarian IT positions. Given its popularity, we believed it would be beneficial to include salaries in such a breakdown as well. Even if, in recent years, the term "frontend" has come to refer to Javascript in the majority of circumstances. (This condition is very recent; 5, 10, or 15 years ago, the palette was considerably wider (for example,.NET, Java, and PHP solutions)).

Software developers and software engineers by layers salary

7. DevOps Engineers

DevOps jobs encompass a wide range of positions. There are places where the task is the architectural design of software-component-based systems, as well as the planning of subsequent operation and monitoring.
However, standard DevOps focuses on creating deployment scripts, designing and building load and performance testing tools before deployment, and then using them.
Nevertheless, some firms define DevOps as developers who also run the programs they design. (Although, in our perspective, the latter job is essentially a merger of two positions for cost-cutting purposes.)

DevOps engineers salary

8. QA/Testers

Testers comprised IT professionals and test managers who performed manual and automated tests.

QA Testers

9. System Administrators & System Engineers

In short, this group includes operators. This category comprises specialists in system engineering, system administration, and also database administration. Additionally, we entailed a section here for application administrators.

System Administrators and System Engineers salary
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