IT Solutions

Our strengths are to understand customer needs, analyze requirements, and create an end product according to the requirements. We work along time tested, proven methodologies.

What are the benefits of Bluebird IT Solutions?

  • Because we can implement projects according to waterfall-, incremental-, iterative-, or agile methodology-based development.
  • Because with our IT Recruitment and IT Contracting knowledge, we can easily and quickly build successful project teams.
  • Because our customers have been highly satisfied with the systems we have developed.
  • Because we are technology independent.
  • Because our managers and IT experts have more than 20 years of experience in software development.

Our previous projects

  • Workflow system (Java, Oracle)
  • Legacy Systems Survey (AS / 400, Informix)
  • Social media developments (Java, .NET)
  • HR system (Java, Oracle)
  • Administrative IT systems (Java, Oracle)
  • Data registration systems (Java, Oracle)
  • Service organization and deployment management system (Java, Oracle)
  • Records management system (Java, Oracle)
  • ATS / ERP / CRM / sales / controlling system (.NET, MySQL)
  • Online video streaming system (.NET)
  • Hotel reservation system (Java)
  • Bot software development (.NET)
  • Web crawler development (.NET)

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