Nearshore software development

Nearshore Software Development? Choose Bluebird and Hungary!

We are an IT consulting company providing quality nearshore software development services to our partners with the best available Hungarian developers.

About Nearshore Development

Nearshore software development means that a company directs a software development project or other work to companies in a country neighboring its own country.

In Hungary, nearshore outsourcing usually indicate sending work and projects to software teams across Europe. When you cooperate with a nearshore company, the time lag can be up to a few hours. In this case, the assignment proceeds at the same pace, and there is no slippage in communication with the development team. If you decide to travel, it is no longer an obstacle, as most countries can be reached in 1-3 hours.

Nearshore software development - Bluebird
Nearshore software development

Why choose us?

Advantages of Hungary

  • Quality of the Hungarian developers are top 5 in the global index according to the index of DAXX.
  • Great work ethics.
  • Easy approachability.
  • No or little time zone differences.
  • Costs are lower than most of the European countries.

Advantages of Bluebird

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in project management .
  • We have ISO: 9001 certification for our services.
  • We can reach out to 40.000 IT experts, which is a guarantee for providing the best available developers for your project.
  • One of the most reliable companies according to our partners.
  • We keep short deadlines during the project.
  • We can provide flexible offers in T&M construction, fixed price or even a variety of both.
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