Senior Python Developer Salary 2023 – Complete Guide

Balazs Refi

March 10, 2023

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Senior Python developer salary guide. Check out the differences and take advantage of Bluebird's contract-based solution!


About Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today. Its success is due to a variety of factors, the most important of which are its simplicity, clarity, and rapid development.

Of course, many people miss the square brackets [ ] or curly brackets { } that are common in traditional programming languages, but that's life. Let's go for easy-to-use things! Python, on the other hand, is quite resource intensive and slow. This is not a major consideration of its popularity. However, its usability is simply amazing!

I won't go into the uses and features this programming language, if you're interested, check out one of my other Python articles.

Senior Python Developer Salary In Different Locations

I researched the salaries of senior Python developers in Europe and the United States. I checked for IT Hubs that are among the largest on these continents. I looked at how much a senior python developer can earn in each of these cities.

I've recorded the results of this analysis in the table below, and to make it easier to compare python developer salaries, I've converted salary data from cities across the world into a common currency - USD.

To map the salary data, I used Glassdoor.

IT Hub

Salary (Per Year)

Salary (In $,Per Year)

Seattle, WA

$ 141,789

$ 141,789

Austin, TX

$ 124,962

$ 124,962

Baltimore, MD

$ 124,556

$ 124,556

Boulder, CO

$ 124,143

$ 124,143

Huntsville, AL

$ 113,567

$ 113,567

Amsterdam, Netherlands

€ 77,403

$ 82,625

Dublin, Ireland

€ 75,093

$ 80,159

London, United Kingdom

€ 71,447

$ 76,267

Berlin, Germany

€ 69,569

$ 74,262

Paris, France

€ 66,080

$ 70,538

Budapest, Hungary

€ 41,876

$ 44,701

EUR/USD: 1.067 (13.02.2023)

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Salary Differences for Senior Python Developers in Major Cities

Yes, the outcome is quite surprising. Of course, we all know that there is a salary gap between the United States, Europe, and Hungary, but how large is it?

80,000 to $100,000 in annual savings on a senior developer? Oh my goodness, what a difference!

Looking at the Python developer salary differences between US cities and Budapest, you'll see that employing a senior python developer in Budapest will save you $80,000-100,000 USD. Similarly, comparing Budapest's (also European) salaries to another European City will save you at least 20,000 USD. Amazing!

Another fact: Budapest developers are highly skilled and experienced Europeans with the same habits and mindset as their German, English, and French colleagues. European problem solving, European thinking.

Look at the data on a graph!

Senior Python Developer Salary - Bluebird Blog


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Conclusion About Senior Python Developer Salary And Costs

We hope that you will become one of our satisfied customers soon and that you will be satisfied when you experience that the development work is done as of high quality but at a significantly lower price. And don't forget! With a lower senior Python developer salary, your company will be more competitive.

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