Balazs Refi Bluebird CEO

"We are proud to be the leading player in Hungary's IT-HR market. Every day, our clients honor us with their trust, whether they entrust us with their software development projects, request the participation of our senior IT professionals in their ongoing projects, or select our IT headhunting services to expand their internal staff.

Our enthusiasm for our work is reflected in the results. We have a constant desire to discover, comprehend, and accomplish new things. Because IT is constantly changing, innovating, and evolving, it is the best platform for this thirst for knowledge.

We have faith in ourselves and in being fair, straightforward, and trustworthy. We believe that dependability and predictability are not relics of the past, but rather the fundamental principles that guide us in every circumstance.

Bluebird is a community, not a workplace. We are united by shared values and a commitment to performance. Our passion is our work, our passion is Bluebird!"

Balazs Refi - Bluebird CEO

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