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Seo and Website Optimization From Bluebird

When we had contracted a company specialized in website building to make our website, we were expecting a quality product. When we signed a contract with a SEO company, we didn’t only expect them to do the SEO and website optimization, but also hoped to receive advice, help, and wanted them to show us the way.

Unfortunately, none of these came true on the expected level, so we ended up making our own website, and did the SEO and the website optimization ourselves as well. We learnt a lot, acquired up-to-date technologies, and now we know how to do it. But most importantly: we understand precisely what you are looking for if you need help with SEO and website optimization.

We are ready to help you!

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SEO and website optimization - Bluebird


Website Analysis

To have a clear picture of the preparedness of your website in terms of SEO and performance

SEO - Bluebird

We do a detailed study on the current state of your website. We examine your homepage and some other key pages, to show you the quality, the link structure of your page, the quality of the meta data, the structure, and performance of the website. We highlight the elements to be corrected or improved, and we tell you how to implement quality upgrades.

Analyzing the Keywords of Competitors

To know where the pillars of your competitors are in terms of online appearance, where do their organic results come from.

SEO optimization - Bluebird

We do a detailed report on your competitors’ keywords. As a result, you will be aware of the extent of your competitors’ online presence, their strengths, and weaknesses. We hand over our analysis with a complete glossary of keywords which, depending on the website, may contain 10-50-100-500-1000-5000 entries.

Keyword Research

To have a set of keywords. The result of keyword research is a list of keywords; this is the base data of content strategy.

SEO - Bluebird

We create keyword groups and fill them with the keywords that will later attract organic traffic.

Analyzing the Competition Using Your Own Keywords

To know where you are at compared to your competitors, with the keywords you would like to rank up with.

SEO optimization - Bluebird

A summary that presents the position of your competitors with your keywords, what their average ranking, visibility, and traffic are.

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

To know exactly what content is needed to improve your website’s traffic.

Creating a content marketing strategy - Bluebird

We determine the keywords you would need, and build up the order in which you should assemble the content to improve your organic traffic. Beside the keywords and the order, we also suggest in what form you should prepare the given traffic.


Integrating Google Tools

To see what Google lets you see (traffic data, website performance data, website error visualization, etc.)

Webpage optimization - Bluebird

Technical Optimization

To conform with the basic technical requirements.

Website optimization - Bluebird

For most websites, even the basic technical configurations are not set correctly. We will configure these settings for you. These include the configurations that are important for Google, and other configurations required to a flawless functioning.

Content Optimization

To conform with the basic content requirements.

Webpage optimization - Bluebird

We map out the (SEO) content errors and suggest modifications. If you agree to our proposed modifications, we perform the optimization. Many people underestimate the importance of this task. In some cases, this involves hundreds or thousands of pages and organizing their content.