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On our website, you may read about software bot, software bot development, and how a software bot customized for you might help your work or business.

What is a Software Bot?

A software bot (also known as a bot) is a software that replaces humans in repetitive tasks.

AI = software bot? No. The terms artificial intelligence and software robot are not interchangeable. The software robot just repeats the programmed procedures in a monotonous manner. Reliably, tirelessly, and precisely.

What Can a Software Bot Do?

To prevent your coworkers' valuable time from being spent on tasks that a simple software robot can perform. It enables you and your team to concentrate on tasks that require real decisions and added value.

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What is Software Bot Development?

Bot development is the process of developing software that results in the bot itself. Bluebird only sets up useful bots that give our customers a competitive advantage or reduce costs by automating the execution of manually repetitive tasks.

How Much Does Bot Development Cost?

Many people believe that bot development is extremely expensive, that will never pay off. This isn't the case. The bots we develop pay off almost immediately, as the savings or extra profit available in the short term can be compared to the cost of the bot.

For a fixed prize or monthly service fee, we develop bot software for our customers.

Fix Priced Development

Following an accurate assessment of customer demand, we will provide a quote for software bot development. This includes bot functionality, project timeline, and price. We develop the software bot after a thorough discussion of the offer.

Bot Development Based on a Monthly Service Fee

Following the requirement assessment, we develop a proposal for the software bot's functionality, create a project schedule, and make an offer for the software's development and operation. However, the offer price does not include a development or operating cost, only a monthly service fee. That is, if you require a software bot, tell us and we will inform you when and for what monthly fee we can ensure that the software is up and running. You don't have to worry about what server to use or how the bot will operate because we take care of everything. It's similar to purchasing an internet subscription.

What Software Bots Have We Developed So Far?

Crawler Bot - Ad Tracker

When you create a web page, you give the Google crawler bot (or other bots) permission to access it. This crawler software is required to crawl your page and display your content in search results.

Similarly, Bluebird's ad tracker bot crawls the Internet (mostly at pre-defined entry points) and searches for job ads on a specific topic.

It then organizes, filters, and only displays job advertisements that are relevant to you.

Who employs such a software bot? For example, to get a clear picture of how many IT jobs in Europe are advertised by companies that are not recruiter agencies, but potential customers themselves.

This technology can collect any other type of information from the internet. Yes, most information is accessible in this manner.

Crawler Bot - Signal Trackers

If you need instant information about a specific website, our crawler bot solution is ideal for you. What kind of information could be monitored? Tenders appear, a product appears, an appointment is bookable, a service is realdy to reserve, information about a newly appearing product appears, and so on. We can monitor almost anything.

Tell us about the event you want to know about, and we will create a specific software bot for you.

Pricing Robot

The pricing bot can be used on websites where multiple sellers are selling the same product at the same time. The more products you have, the more important it is that the price of the product you are selling is in the right range.
To support with this, we have developed a pricing bot that examines which competitors are selling your product and at what price they are doing so. If it is discovered, it offers to re-price the product or does it automatically.

Why is a pricing software bot useful? Because it will significantly increase your traffic.

Software bot development - Bluebird

What Other Types of Software Bots Are There?

Any type.

This technology can be applied to any task that requires information to be collected, monitored, and organized. Also in scenarios where repetitive tasks must be completed.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Software bots can provide an immediate competitive advantage.
  • They are fast and reliable.
  • They save money on labor by not hiring someone to do tasks that the bot can do (they face a more serious challenge).
  • Software bot has a cost, which is significantly lower than the cost of an employee.
  • It can run in a different environment than the customer's infrastructure.


  • Planning takes time (either short or long).

What Should You Do if Such Software Bot Is Required?

Please let us know how we can assist you, and one of our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible!