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Balazs Refi

October 1, 2021

What does a software developer do? We’ll show you the most common software development jobs and show you how much a developer earns.


What Does a Software Developer Do?

The tasks of a software developer are to plan, implement, test, and introduce IT systems. In reality, the actual objectives may vary in different companies.

If a company has a system analyst, the functional or logical part of planning will not be part of a software developer's work, given that understanding business processes and making a functional specification and logical system plan based on them is the system analyst’s job. In this case, the software developer s still undertakes some planning tasks but only the ones that are related to realization. (Naturally, understanding the processes is still essential)

Similarly, if there is a tester in the project team, the software developer may focus their testing tasks mainly on unit testing. Moreover, the software developer limits their testing tasks as the role of a tester is to execute functional, integration and load testing.

If we would like to summarize the role of a software developer, we could say: the developer’s role is to implement the software according to the requirements, and to install it in a live environment or to deliver it for operation (in a tested and functional state).

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Software Developer Roles

The list above was sorted based on job offers made for software developers.

There are many ways to sort software developers, but I think that the following list shows best what a software developer does.

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Front-End Developers

Front-End developers are software developers who write the code that runs on the user interface, in other words in the browser. Nowadays it usually means: JavaScript developer.

Many people put an equal sign between front-end developers and JavaScript developers. Nowadays it might be true, but previously there were specific front-end solutions for both Java (Applet technology) and .NET (ASP.NET) platforms.

Back-End Developers

They are developers on the server-side. In short, their objective is the development of multi-layer applications on the server, API development, and programming the execution of database processes. The work of front-end developers is directly visible because it appears on the user interface. Back-end developers, however, assure the invisible background for the software.

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Full-Stack Developers

Front-end and back-end in one person. Note: Previously it was a completely normal phenomenon, however, after the separation of front-end and back-end, the value of experts moving around comfortably on the whole production line, those who are familiar with both parts, increased.

To sum up, a full-stack developer is required to know and understand the full technology stack.

Mobile Developers

Mobile developers make apps and games for mobile phones. They work on two main platforms: Android and iOS. Their objective while working closely together with the designer, is to make the planned mobile applications.

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Game Developers

Generally, they possess special gaming frameworks (Unity, Unreal engine, Ogre, etc.) or other (ex. C++) knowledge. Their objective is to develop games for different platforms for example desktop, mobile, console, etc.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a software developer who is in charge of analyzing and processing data. They analyze trends and statistics, including machine learning, deep learning, data visualization etc. Currently, they mostly possess SAS, R and Python, and SQL knowledge. Moreover, they are able to use data or the data bank to serve the company’s efficiency.

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Embedded Software Developer

Programs made by them run on specific hardware in medical devices, cars (ABS), robots, other devices. Mainly C/C++ or assembly experience is needed.

Web Developer

Web developers are software developers that specialize in developing websites. Basically, HTML and CSS knowledge is needed. A good entry point to the world of software development.

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DevOps Engineer

The DevOps engineer position was born from the marriage of development (Dev) and operations (Ops). They use technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Apache Mesos, HashiCorp, and Jenkins among others.

Security Software Developer

Their objective is to develop and install software that protects devices and data from data theft or trespassing.

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Software Developer Salaries

Updated: November 2020 (Source: Bluebird IT Salary Guide).

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