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Can't Find Experienced IT Professionals at a Reasonable Price? Bluebird's Staff Augmentation is the Solution for You! Work with one of the most dedicated and leading IT staff augmentation company from Hungary, Europe. We can provide the best available remote software developers, project managers, business analysts and testers on-demand. Our team can reach out to 40.000 IT experts during the recruitment process which is a guarantee for the quality.

We handpick the best available talents for you without a hiring fee.



Staff Augmentation from Bluebird - Software Technologies & Roles

If you require an IT professional, you cannot request only developers from Bluebird! Take a look at the IT roles and technologies on which you can rely on us!

Hire IT Managers, Architects & Analysts

IT Project Managers


Software Architects


Solution Architects


Business Analysts


System Analysts


Product Owners


Data Analysts


Hire Software Developers

Hire C/C++ developers from Bluebird

C/C++ Developers

Hire Golang developers from Bluebird

Ruby Developers

Hire Python developers from Bluebird

Python Developers

Hire Mobile Developers from Bluebird

Mobile Developers

Hire DevOps Engineers or Testers

DevOps Engineers


Automated Testers(AWS, Azur, GCP)


Manual Testers


Test Managers


Quick Overview of the Process


24 Hours

Within 24 hours, we hold an online meeting with you about the project, the technology and job expectations. Our sales and account manager attend this meeting. We will negotiate the process, the contract terms, the fees, and the deadline for submitting the initial candidate. Immediately thereafter, the search will begin.


48-72 Hours

We hold progress reviews every 48–72 hours (or as often as is suitable for you). We will introduce the new candidates' profiles to you and reconcile the existing candidates' statuses. We'd appreciate hearing your feedback about Bluebird's candidates or the process.


3-10 Business Days

We will send candidates within three to ten business days of the initial meeting, or by the deadline agreed upon. Our IT candidates are selected based on their tech stacks, availability, interest and experience. It is our job to filter candidates who do not meet the criteria set out in the initial consultation.


Starting Work

Each month, we are responsible for creating a timesheet and calculating the number of hours / days spent on project tasks. Following approval, we will generate the invoice for the specified period.

IT Staff Augmentation - Bluebird

Why Choose Bluebird as a Staff Augmentation Partner?

Access to Top IT Talents

As a company, Bluebird has been looking for senior IT professionals since 2001. We can provide you with the best IT professionals for your projects!

Software developers, project managers, scrum masters, business analysts, manual or automated testers? Yes, we can help!

Dedicated IT Experts

Bluebird's IT specialists work with a single client at a time.

IT professionals are not working on other projects or accounts concurrently. They will remain on the job until it is completed. Bluebird is not permitted to reassign the selected IT professional.

Industry Expertise

As an IT staffing firm, we assist clients in need of IT professionals.

We have completed over one million hours of software development work to date, which includes project management, software development, and testing.

Bluebird Recruitment Team

Recruitment is a top priority for us. Our hiring process is always active to ensure that we have immediate access to the best senior IT professionals.

We employ senior IT recruitment and account management professionals with an average of six years of experience in IT recruitment.

Minimal Risks

With senior IT professionals on board, the risk level of your project decreases.

You must continue to pay Bluebird for the services of the IT professional until you are completely satisfied with his work. If you are dissatisfied, we will immediately remove our IT expert from the project.

Affordable Prices

Our IT professionals are among the best. That is why we are not the cheapest, but in exchange, we provide an experienced and enthusiastic colleague with one goal: to ensure the success of the project.

Simple and transparent accounting on a per diem basis.

Remote Working Conditions

IT Staff Augmentation - Bluebird
  • We charge a daily or hourly rate. There are no additional fees or hiring costs.
  • We create a project contract for each software design, development, and testing job in which we specify the project's details. 
  • We generate monthly reports that detail the tasks completed and the hours/days required to complete the tasks.
  • We maintain constant communication with our customers and IT experts in order to monitor the progress of assigned tasks.

Who already Chose Us

Be one of the companies below who already chose our remote software developers!


Automotive Company

So far, Bluebird has been improving the company’s process, increasing efficiency on repayable costs. They’re communicating effectively, ensuring a smooth workflow. Above all, the team’s cooperation, flexibility, and professionalism play a critical role in this ongoing project. 

Head of Engineering

Revolution Robotics

Bluebird did an excellent job. Two months after their partnership began, they were able to find the perfect candidate for the job. The client also complimented their easy and effective communication process. They were fast and precise with their work, as well.


Infinite Lambda

The company has been able to successfully avail of the Bluebird team's services for the past two years. This is mainly due to the team's friendliness and open-mindedness every time they engaged in a project. The company looks forward to when the team expands their database for data engineering.

„Bluebird is a main supplier for OTP Bank in the IT field. We develop with their help, through an IT transformation project a new way of data management, a real-time data service. Bluebird’s experts serve the different business needs of the bank using the most recent streaming technologies.”

OTP Bank Nyrt., Bakos Balázs, Senior data domain lead

IT Staff Augmentation reference - OTP Bank - Bluebird

„I really like to work with Bluebird, the size of the company gives it the flexibility the IT field needs in these changing times. Throughout the years they have experienced the specific needs that are essential to us, and we often understand each other without words.”

W.UP, Dienes Beáta, Key account manager

IT Staff Augmentation reference - WUP - Bluebird

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