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If your business is a startup, a scale-up, or an enterprise, you should hire Scrum Masters on a daily rate. We can provide some of the best IT professionals in Scrum Master roles available from Europe, specifically from Hungary.

With our IT staff augmentation services, you access experienced and certified Scrum Masters.

Our process is simple:

  • Arrange an online meeting with us to discuss your business requirements!
  • Within three to ten business days, receive the initial CVs of our Scrum Masters!
  • Select your new Scrum Master!
  • You are only required to pay the daily fee on accepted workdays!
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Scrum Master Responsibilities

The Scrum Master is responsible for providing day-to-day support to the team. His responsibilities are very similar to those of a coach or instructor. It is quite different from traditional project manager's duties and responsibilities. This is because the self-organizing development team does not require management, tasks are not assigned because the team chooses them from the backlog.

However, the Scrum Master's role is to maximize value creation by educating everyone involved in the project, both internal and external, and facilitating interactions between the Product Owner, the development team, and the organization. For instance, he is accountable for ensuring that mandatory events take place during the sprint and do not exceed the time allotted.

Hire Scrum Master from Bluebird

Excellent Scrum Master's Soft Skills

Teaching and Coaching Abilities

A big part of the Scrum Master's work is to assist everyone in the team in correctly following Agile systems. As a result, excellent teaching abilities are required, particularly for teams who are new to the Scrum method. A great Scrum Master must not only know what to do, but also be able to explain the how and why to all members involved.

Servant Leader

A servant leader is driven by a passion to serve. A servant leader takes the initiative. This is the polar opposite of a standard manager's style, which is to manage and lead first. Scrum Master supports the team's goal and assists them in growing and succeeding. Scrum Master Shows ethical and caring behavior, putting others needs first, stimulates empowerment and transparency.

Communication Skills

People's typical communication approach is to compete, judge, demand, and diagnose. The Scrum Master practices and teaches Non-Violent Communication to the team. A good scrum master prefers dialogue to monologue, pays attention to other people's feelings, does not personify, and does not criticize. Instead, the Scrum Master enhances transparency and develops team trust.

Facilitator Skills

Being an excellent facilitator means making things easier and more feasible. It involves assisting the scrum team's cooperation in something like a meeting, a change, or a decision-making process. An excellent scrum master is trustworthy, objective, and neutral, and he or she has the ability to boost group effectiveness through collaboration.

4 Reasons to Hire Scrum Master from Bluebird


Industry Expertise

Our experience in the industry dates all the way back to 2001. We support customers in need of information technology professionals as an IT staffing firm. We have completed over one million hours of software development work to date, which includes project management, software development, and testing.


Access to Highly Experienced Scrum Masters

We have access to the most talented information technology professionals. We are here to assist you if you require industry fit, product fit and/or company culture fit Scrum Masters.


Dedicated Scrum Masters

Our Scrum Masters work with a single client exclusively. At Bluebird, IT professionals do not work on additional projects or accounts concurrently. They will stay on the job until it is completed. Additionally, we are not permitted to reassign our selected IT professional.


Affordable Prices

You will be satisfied with the price, which will reflect our Scrum Master's knowledge and project experience. Our Scrum Masters are primarily Hungarian IT professionals from Europe.

What Deadlines Do We Work with?

Within 24 Hours

To begin, we'll schedule a 24-hour online meeting with you to discuss the project, and the job expectations. This meeting will be attended by our sales and account managers. We will negotiate the process, the terms of the contract, the fees, and also the deadline for the initial candidate submission. Following that, the search will begin.

Every 48-72 Hours

We conduct progress reviews every 48–72 hours (or as often as is suitable for you). In short, we will introduce you with the profiles of new candidates and reconcile the statuses of existing candidates. We'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback on our candidates or the selection process.

Within 3-10 Business Days

We will send our candidates within 3-10 business days of the initial meeting. Our scrum masters are chosen based on their fit with the industry, the product, and the company culture, as well as their availability and experience. It is our responsibility to filter out candidates who do not meet the criteria established during the initial consultation.

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