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Quality Website Development at Bluebird! If Organic Traffic and Quality Are Important.

There are more than 1.3 billion websites worldwide. Only a small percentage of these websites are capable of bringing visitors to their owner and thus generating revenue or awareness. We believe that creating a website is not for itself, but for a purpose. Tell us this goal and during the development of the website you will get a website that brings traffic to you or makes your product, service, portfolio known!

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Unique and Clean Design

We will create a website for you that has a simple and clean layout. Check out the biggest websites! They are like that. Clear and easy to browse.


Easy to read and simple to look at desktop, iPad and mobile phone at the same time. Flexible scalability, professional appearance.

SEO and Performance

We know how to get you organic traffic and we make your website so that people will find you. Rank first on Google!

Content Management System

You will have a website whose content you can edit yourself. We’ll also show you how, in fact, we’ll hold a training program for you if you want.

Systems Integration

If you like, we may integrate your website with your internal back office system, sales software, CRM, or inventory management software.

Operation and Support

After the launch of the website, we provide you with ongoing support, which includes operation and troubleshooting.

When creating a website, we perform the following tasks:

  • Positioning
  • Design planning
  • Content planning
  • Page structure planning
  • Website development
  • Interface development
  • SEO content strategy
  • Performance fine-tuning
  • Setting up the operational environment

Why Do Our Customers Choose Us as Their It Partner?

  • We develop quality websites that Google favours as well.
  • As we want to increase organic traffic our focus is on SEO and performance.
  • We can integrate any of your IT systems with your website.
  • We provide a content management system for your website, that allows you to easily modify the content yourself.
  • We provide website post-launch services including operation and support.

Creating a Website Is Not Only a Technical Task for Us!

The functions of your website online is similar to the functions of your store in real-life. In case of a store, the location is important, also how does it look like, how easy it is to get there, how does it feel to enter, how does it feel being there and what can you buy once you are there. When you enter it is important to find your way around. . If everything is in place, the business is a done deal.  If not, then it won’t happen.

Making a website - Bluebird

It is the same with a website, so it is important:

  • Where it is: whether the domain is. com or .io etc.
  • How does it look like: the quality of your website design and how the webpages are built?
  • How easy it is to get there: balance between organic/direct/paid traffic?
  • How does it feel to enter: the design again.
  • How does it feel being there: here we go again: the design.
  • How and what you can get: page structure.
  • What content you see : content.


We do a quality job, we deliver a quality product

The price is determined based on a complete requirement specification and provided in a technical quote. After you request for a quote, we discuss your goals and major requirements during an online meeting. Based on the preliminary discussion we prepare our technical offer. If the request for a quote is for website development, we will give you an offer for that. If you need SEO and content strategy as well, we will include that in our offer as well. Even better! If you would like us to make a complete design, or just a logo for your website, we can do that too.

We will show you where you are at compared to your competitors in terms of online visibility. We will tell you what to do to outdo them. We will make you a real sales lead generating website. Just like ours.

Website Development at Bluebird

1. Objectives, Positioning

Content Strategy-Design-Bluebird

First and foremost, you should determine the objectives of your website. Do you need it for your mandatory online presence, or you need the online visibility to bring you customers and buyers?

Having clear goals helps you estimate the amount of time and energy your website’s design and development will need, as well as it determines the budget you should allocate for its development.

The target audience should also be determined. The functionality, the appearance (design) and even the prioritized platform (desktop or mobile) will be defined based on your target.

The competition must be analyzed before developing most of the websites. Especially, when the website is required to be on top of the list among organic search results. In case of a strong online competition, , it is recommended to dedicate enough time on researching keywords before beginning software design and development tasks. Without this, you will only occasionally be ahead of your competitors in Google searches.

2. Content Strategy

Content management starts with content strategy., According to the previously mentioned objectives, we determine how the website’s content should be on short- and on medium term. In accordance with the medium-term objectives, we determine what contents and structure will the website need.

As next step, we create the content together that will appear on the website.

After the content is ready, we will prepare together the texts that will appear on the website (draft) andalso assemble the other elements (videos, external documents, etc.). During the phrasing of the texts, we pay attention to keywords and research how much traffic and competition you will get with a given keyword. We know several techniques that will help you to boost your website and generate  large amount of traffic.

3. Design Planning

As the next step of website development, we will draw up a design plan according to the brief, in which we use your design elements the way you want us to.

Planning the design starts with the image of your company. In addition, the target audience andthe area of use should also be considered. We chose together the main design components (colors, fonts, font sizes, etc.), and define the website’s atmosphere.

After implementing the design, we will check your website’s performance indicators and if we find the results are not good enough, we’ll go through together what design/structure modifications should be implemented. We believe that a good design cannot weaken your website’s performance indicators. If  that happens, a modification is neccessary for Google to like it. If Google doesn’t like your website, it won’t appear, and nobody will see the design that we conceived.

Making a website - Bluebird

4. Functional and Structural Planning

With  having the content and design plans ready, we map out the  website, design the navigation, secondary pages, and furthermore develop the navigation system of your app and its functionality.

By  reviewing the objectives once again, we agree on the reason the website is made for,  who the target audience is and  how the competition looks like. In accordance with these factors, we rationalize the page structure, determine the necessary landing pages and if need be, reorganize the content  or its structure.

In this phase of the development, we design the interfaces.

5. Website Development

During implementation phase, we create the webpage samples. We configure the global components (colors, fonts), create headlines and footers, symbols, and templates. After  these are finalized, we implement the functionality, the content, and the design. During development we regularly present you the completed elements and if need be, we modify them.

We  create and implement the interfaces with the systems that are connected to your website. (ex.: internal company systems)

6. Testing the Website, SEO Configuration and Performance Fine-tuning

Making a website - SEO - Bluebird

As part of testing your website we perform functional testing (to see if the functions work correctly) and integration testing (to see how it cooperates with external systems)

We set up the key pages (homepage, landing pages, service pages etc.) from a SEO point of view. As a result, your website will appear in a better position in Google searches. If you want to, we can teach you and your coworkers how to set the SEO values.

We analyze the performance of the application and implement the necessary changes for your website to run with satisfactory performance indicators.


When the launch date  is set, we’ll prepare carefully and when the time comes,  all collaborators attention will be focused on  going live with your website.

If you see the similar values on your website as below (The results of the SEO check-tool), it means that we are ready.

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8. Performance Monitoring-Tools

Online tools we use to monitor your website’s SEO and performance indicators:

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